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Monday, May 8, 2017

NBA Picks 5/8

2U Warriors -8.5 (-110) – 9PM EST

The Warriors lead the series over the Jazz 3 games to none and go into tonight looking for the sweep. In the other 3 games this series, none have been decided by less than 10 points, so despite this being an elimination game for the Jazz in Utah, I expect that trend to continue.

2U Warriors/Jazz Over 206.5 (-110) – 9PM EST

The 3 games played thus far this series have yielded point totals of 200, 219, and 193. Pretty low scoring considering the tremendous offensive talent on the Golden State side of the basketball. With defending MVP Steph Curry, former MVP Kevin Durant, and fellow splash bro Klay Thompson, the Warriors are essentially unstoppable despite playing against the best defense in the league. I anticipate this game looking more like game 2 then games 1 and 3, which means a big scoring output for the Warriors. Offensively, while not very good, the Jazz have been consistent and I expect that consistency to continue today as well. I see this game as a 115-100 blowout win for the Warriors as they coast to the Western Conference finals.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

NBA Picks 5/4

As a small disclaimer, I am making basically the same exact picks that I did on Tuesday – although the lines are different

1U Celtics +5.5 (-110) – 8PM EST

Celtics go into this game up 2-0 in the series and coming of a phenomenal 53 point performance by Isaiah Thomas. He outplayed John Wall who was in a zone dropping 40 points of his own to pair with 13 assists. I’m not sure what Wizards team will show up tonight, will it be the team that has blown 10+ point leads in both games in Boston, or will it be a team on a mission eager to win their first game of the series – now on their home court. One thing I do know though, is that Thomas and the Celtics brass have showed nothing but guts this series, so I fully expect the game to be close and come down to the wire, which is why I think the Celts will keep it within 5.5.

2U Jazz/Warriors over 204.5 (-110) – 1030PM EST

One Tuesday I thought there was no chance this game went under 206.5. The game was basically right on pace to just barely go over through 3 quarters, then I went to sleep and missed a hard fought but low scoring 4th. The game ended up just hitting 200 points in a game where the Jazz pace really hurt the scoring output of the Warriors. The Warriors did have flashes though, and that 200 point number occurred despite one of the most boring first 8 minutes of a game I’ve ever seen. Tonight, I expect the Warriors to get off to a hotter start then in game 1, as they’ve clearly seen that the Jazz can at least make things tough for them. The Jazz, I don’t really know what to expect. We might have seen their best defensive game this series in the 1st contest, but can their offense improve – that’s the big question. Tonight I anticipate a much better performance for Jazz forwards Joe Johnson and Gordon Hayward though, which should help creep the 94 they scored in game 1 closer to about 100 points. I also expect to see better games from Durant, Curry, and Klay tonight for the Warriors which will allow them to build on the 100 points they put up Tuesday. Going to go with the same score prediction as I had (and was wrong with) the other day, 112-100 Warriors.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

NBA Picks 5/2

Last Night: 2-0 +3U
Cavs smoked the Raptors and the game went over 208.5

1U Celtics -5 (-110) – 8PM EST

I’m not completely confident that the Celtics are going to win this game, but I figure might as well ride a 5 game winning streak. After a tooth aching bad start on Sunday’s game, the Celtics bounced back in the final 3 quarters of the game and got an astounding comeback win. IT4 was good as always with 33 points, but what really put the Celts over the edge was the hot shooting of Jae Crowder and Avery Bradley, and the all of a sudden consistent play of Al Horford. There is no one on the Wizards that can contain Thomas, and just in general, the Wizard defense is not all that good. While I don’t see Jae and AB having the games they had Sunday, they will still perform well and the team will have no issue scoring points. The big X factor for the Celts will be how they defend John Wall and Bradley Beal…if they can contain those 2 guys, they should win the game easy and take a 2-0 lead in the series.

2U Jazz/Warriors over 206.5 (-110) – 1030PM EST

This over was a pretty easy choice for me to pick. While the Jazz had the best scoring defense in the NBA for the regular season, their playoff performance defensively has been slightly worse. Granted they played a good offensive team in the Clippers in round 1, but the Clips were also without Blake Griffin for a few games. The one stat that really jumps out to me though about the Jazz, that directly relates to this series, is that they were 17th in the NBA in 3 point percentage against. Playing the Warriors, that will really come to bite them in the points allowed category, as the Warriors are the best 3 point shooting team in the NBA. The Warriors also don’t play a ton of defense so the Jazz should be able to put up some points of their own. My prediction tonight is for a big game by Steph and Klay for the Warriors, and a big game by Gordon Hayward of the Jazz – which will result in a good scoring output for both squads. Score prediction 112-100 Warriors.

Monday, May 1, 2017

NBA Picks 5/1

2U Cavs -6.5 (-110) – 7PM EST

After sweeping the first round, the well rested Cavs take on the Raptors tonight. With Lebron, Kyrie, and Kevin Love all having about a week off to tend to any ailments, I expect them to come out prepared tonight. While the Raptors certainly have some dangerous pieces in Demar Derozen and Kyle Lowry, and also have a relatively solid supporting cast, Lebron has just been too good and too dominant and because of that I expect the Cavs to roll tonight.

1U Raptors/Cavs over 208.5 (-110)

In the Cavs 4 game sweep of the Pacers in round 1, they averaged scoring over 110 points per game. While Toronto has a better defense than the Pacers, and they definitely did not allow 110 per game in their first round matchup with the Bucks, they still showed in a few of the games that their defense can be vulnerable at times. Against an offense as powerful as Cleveland’s, the Raptor defense should prove to be less stingy then it was in round 1. My score projection for tonight is 110-102 Cavs, which will break to 208.5 point mark.

Friday, April 28, 2017

NBA Picks 4/28

Last Night: 1-1 -.1
Raptors win the series in a low scoring affair that goes under
Spurs win the game and series and the game goes over 189.5

1U Wizards +3 (-110) – 730PM EST

The Wiz are coming off a big game 5 win to take control of the series on Wednesday. This has been a very competitive series so far with each team winning all its home games. I think tonight that trend finally comes to an end and the Wizards close the series on the road in Atlanta. Despite the significant depth advantage that the Hawks have over the Wizards, I think the fact that the NBA is a guard oriented game, and that the Wizards have the 2 best guards in this matchup in John Wall and Bradley Beal will ultimately lead to the Wizards getting the game and series victory tonight.

1U Celtics/Bulls over 203.5 (-110) and 1U Celtics -2.5 (-110) – 8PM EST

This is essentially the same pick I made Wednesday night and I expect the same result. Wednesday the Celtics went up 3-2 in the series thanks to a 108-97 victory (205 total points). The Celtics offense has been better on the road this series then at home, and same for the Bulls. I think the Bulls will come out swinging and the game will be close throughout, but the Celtics will ultimately escape with a similar result as the other night, a victory where they pull away late, and a game that hits the over!

1U Clippers +6 (-110) – 1030PM EST

The Clips are coming off 2 straight losses and find themselves playing for their playoff lives tonight as they trail the series 3 games to 2. On top of that, they showed a lackluster offensive performance Tuesday night in their first game without injured Blake Griffin. I don’t necessarily think the Clippers will win this evening, but they are definitely going to fight. With a Jazz offense that doesn’t score a ton of points (under 100 in all 3 of their wins this series), it allows the Clips to hang around despite missing a key piece. This game will likely be low scoring, just like Tuesdays 96-92 Jazz win, and I expect the score to be similar. So even if the Clips do not win this game, I think they’ll keep it close enough to cover.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

NBA Picks 4/27

Last Night: via Twitter 1-0 +2U
Celts/Bulls go over 202.5 easily

1U Bucks/Raptors Over 195.5 (-110) – 7PM EST

The Raptors go into this game looking to clinch the series victory. This has been a highly competitive series thus far and I expect tonight to be a hard fought, back and forth game. Of the 5 games in this series, only 2 of them have broken the 195.5 point mark which is the number set for tonight. I feel like tonight with both teams having so much to play for, that this game will open up a little more as each side will try to find the edge offensively. Additionally, Toronto seems to have figured out the Bucks stingy defense as they dropped 118 last game, and while I don’t see them scoring that many tonight – I do see them in the hundreds.

1U Spurs/Grizz Over 189.5 (-110) – 930PM EST

3rd time this series picking the over – I’m 2-0 picking it so far. This number is a little higher then what I’ve picked in the previous 2, but nonetheless still attainable. The last 3 games have all broken 189.5 as well as both games played in Memphis previously in the series. With tonight being a closeout game for the Spurs, they’re going to try to lock the Grizz down. With the strategy the Grizz have approached games with in the 2nd half of this series though, they have had a much easier time scoring. I see this game looking a lot like Game 4 where it was close throughout (though I’m not projecting OT).

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Flip's Soccer Overs of The Day - April 26

Quick check in on the year thus far:

84-68, +16.65U

Rough start to April/2Q, as the record is well above .500, but we've lost some of the higher unit plays:

20-14  -3.35U

Hopefully we finish strong this week and get to even or above as we head into May.

Posted a pair of plays yesterday, here they are again, with some additional action:

1U Spurs/Palace o2.5 (-155) [I've seen this line drop, so I'm going add another unit]
1U Spurs/Palace o2.5 (-140)

1U Barcelona/Osasuna o4.5 (-155)

1U Elfsborg/Sundsvall o2.5 (-150)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

NBA Picks 4/25

Last Night: 1-1 +.9U
Wizards can’t hang with the Hawks
Warriors get the sweep in easy fashion

2U Grizzlies/Spurs over 186.5 (-110) – 9PM EST

I essentially made this same exact pick on Friday, 4/21. That game had an O/U of 185 and the final score of that one was 105-94 totaling 199 points. Also, in game 4, the game also totaled well over what the number is set at tonight by scoring 218. Granted, both those games that went over were in Memphis, and now we’re back in San Antonio where the first 2 games of the series averaged a whooping 185.5 points per game. The Grizzlies have started to play much better though and are getting big contributions from Mike Conley, Marc Gasol, and Zach Randolph. Spurs lead man Kawai Leonard is also having a beastly series, where he is averaging 32.5 points per game. While I don’t see this one being a 218 point contest like game 4 was, I certainly see it being higher scoring then the first 2 games that were in San An, which should get this game to break 186.5 somewhat easily if that occurs.

1U Rockets -7.5 (-110) – 8PM EST

The Rockets have a commanding 3-1 lead in this series heading into a home game tonight. Russell Westbrook has done everything he can to keep the Thunder in it, and despite a series average of 35 points, 11.3 assists, and 11.8 rebounds, no one else on the Thunder has been able to provide anything. Their lack of depth is just so significant in comparison to the depth of the Rockets, who other than James Hardens 33 PPG, have 4 other players scoring over 10 per game. Because of this depth, and the fact that OKC has been completely outplayed in Houston, I see the Rockets closing the series out tonight in astounding fashion.

Monday, April 24, 2017

NBA Picks 4/24

1U Wizards +2.5 (-110) 8PM EST

Wizards go in tonight up 2-1 and trying to take full control of the series. While Atlanta has the depth, the Wiz definitely have the high end talent with John Wall and Bradley Beal. In tonight’s battle I think that John Wall is going to take over and have a big game and that will be too much for the Hawks to handle.

2U Warriors -7 (-110) – 1030PM EST

The Warriors are looking for the sweep tonight. Unfortunately they’ll be without Kevin Durant and Head Coach Steve Kerr. Fortunately, they still have 2 time defending MVP Steph Curry, fellow splash bro Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and the rest of their squad which won game 3 119-113 without Durant also. I think that game 3 defeat will end up being too demoralizing for the Blazers, who had their best chance that game to make this series interesting. Tonight Steph and Klay will outplay their Blazers counterparts of Lillard and McCollum and that will ultimately lead to a relatively easy victory.